Welcome to The Museum Society for Hørsholm and Surroundings

Our vision

The Museum Society for Hørsholm and Surroundings, hereafter called The Museum Society, has the vision of creating an understanding of how the past influences the lives of the present citizens, and making it possible for the future citizens to find their historical roots. 

Our history

The Museum Society was founded on the 9th of October 1942 in the midst of World War II when Denmark was occupied by Germany. The founding assembly took place at Hørsholm Hotel.

It was decided that the issue of a museum was of importance to the whole county, so it was decided that the area of the Museum to be, should consist of the areas that once was Hørsholm Gods or Hirschholm County, i.e. the parishes of Birkerød, Blovstrød, Hørsholm and Karlebo.

What we do

We managed to get our Museum, and in 1996 The Museum Society was separated from the Museum of Hørsholm and Surroundings, and became an independent Society. We have since then been working actively within historical- and museum issues within our area.

But our main objective is still to support The Museum of Hørsholm and Surroundings. This is done in various ways. We support the museums yearbook financially, and we occupy 4 of the 9 seats at the museum's board, and we offer our support in any other way we and the museum decides to be beneficial.

If you need assistance

Our homepage is in Danish, but if you have questions, or areas you want further information about, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail at this address info@museums-foreningen.dk, and we will do our outmost to be of assistance.

In case you have questions regarding specific historical issues, we may be able to answer you directly, or we will refer your question to the proper person at the museum.

We thank you for your interest in our society.


 Samhandelsbetingelser KLIK HER
 Museumsforeningen For Hørsholm & Omegn  (CVR nr. :29738041)
 Sdr. Jagtvej 2
 2970 Hørsholm
 Mail: bestyrelsen@museums-foreningen.dk